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Shipping & Delivery


We can ship to anywhere within the UK. If you require shipping to any other location please do contact us to see if this can be arranged. Any purchase would normally be delivered to us in store and then would have to be collected from us.



As a small business it's very important for us to not stretch ourselves too far. We like to operate within a 50 mile radius of Chard. We feel this is an area in which we can work well and limits our travelling time, giving us more time to carry out repairs and services.


Warranty can often be misunderstood in pressure washer terms. We offer 12 months warranty on all new machines as standard, this however does NOT cover hoses, triggers or lances. A very limited amount of pressure washer distributors will offer warranty on these items purely because they are most susceptible to customer misuse or damage.

As most pressure washer sellers are 'distributors' not 'dealers' it means that in most warranty cases the warranty is held with the company you bought the machine from originally. Therefore if you did not buy the machine new from us we are unable to carry out warranty work and repairs would be chargeable.


We have a minimum labour charge of £12.50 (15mins).
If you'd like us to make up any assemblies this charge will apply.
For machine inspections/diagnosis we charge £25 (30mins).
Labour charge is £50 per hour.
Prices are plus VAT.
Machines that are not collected within 6 months of diagnosis or repair will be disposed of.


Here at Lewis Sales Services we do our very best to provide a very good quality of service to our customers. As a small business it's vitally important to us to look after our customers, old and new.

We're more than happy to try and assist you in any way that we can, either by giving us a call or popping into our unit in Chard. 

Mobile repairs


We do our very best to be able to repair machines on site, we have two mobile service vehicles and a reasonable amount of spares to give us the best opportunity to do this.

There are however, times where it is far easier and quicker for us to bring your machine back to our workshop, complete the repair and then return it to you.


By far the most popular method of getting machines repaired now is for you to bring your pressure washer to our unit in Chard. We will then complete the repair with a much wider range of spares and tools available to us, then contact you to arrange collection. This is by far the easiest and quickest method.

Call Out

We are more than happy to come to your site for repairs or service work, however this can incur a call out charge. 

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