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The Kranzle sludge sucker is primarily designed for draining! Whether that be flooded drains, inspection pits, man holes, swimming pools, ponds or anything in between, the sludge sucker will get it shifted quickly.

For example, if you have a machine that runs at 130bar (1885psi), when the sludge sucker is attached it will move 10,000 litres an hour, that's 166.66ltrs every minute! 

Kranzle Sludge Sucker

Excluding VAT |
  • Min. 10 litres per minute (lpm)

    Max. 20 lpm

    Min. 120bar (1740psi)

    Max. 250bar (3625psi)

    Max. 60⁰ C

    Max. Suction height: 3mtrs

    Hose length: 3.8mtrs

    Suction power:

    • 10,000 ltrs/hr at approx. 130bar (1885psi) 
    • 17,500 ltrs/hr at approx. 220bar (3190psi)

    Inlet: 22mm male

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