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MAC Drop Revolution gives you total versatility. It is a robust and reliable hot mobile pressure washer, perfect for hot water cleaning.


Revolution Plus model now available featuring flame failure, leak detection system and fuel shut down system.


Available in 4 options:

  • 240V, 110V & Plus    - 11 litres per minute/120bar (1740psi)
  • 415V                         - 15 liters per minute/150bar (2175psi)

MAC Drop Revolution

PriceFrom £2,892.00
Excluding VAT |

    • Tough GRP plastic chassis and cover
    • AR pump
    • Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric motor
    • Automatic stop/start system
    • Efficient M1 boiler system with double spiral coil
    • Stainless steel water tank
    • High pressure chemical system
    • 7ltr internal chemical tank in GRP
    • 22ltr internal fuel tank in GRP
    • 4 large robust wheels for tough terrain
    • Bypass valve and safety valve
    • Burner control with pressure switch and thermostat
    • Pressure gauge
    • 10mtr high pressure hose, single piece trigger & lance
    • Flame failure
    • Leak detection system
    • Fuel shut down system
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